Hilary Straus, 2000 – 2001 MMANC President

Throughout 2021, we are honoring MMANC’s 71st anniversary by celebrating past presidents that have contributed to the Association’s success.

With today being World Water Day, it only seems right to highlight Hilary Straus, who currently serves as general manager for the Citrus Heights Water District.

Hilary was MMANC President from 2000 to 2001, making him the last president to have a term year in their title as opposed to a calendar year. Hilary joined MMANC early into his career and quickly got involved with leadership positions, such as Region Co-Chair in 1998 and the Vice President in 1999.  

Throughout his time in MMANC, he left quite the impact by planning the 50th anniversary conference in San Francisco, changing the ‘A’ in the organization name from “assistants” to “association” and helping to launch Cal-ICMA, which expanded the membership to those with non-city manager positions.

“MMANC has meant a lot to me as it was an informative time of my career,” said Hilary. “The organization not only supplemented my career, but I gained mentors that wouldn’t have been found without MMANC. I owe my advancement in my career to MMANC.”

Before his career at the Citrus Heights Water District, Hilary was the City Administrator for the City of Plymouth, the Assistant to the City Manager for the City of Citrus Heights, the City Manager for the City of Hanford and the Assistant City Manager for the City of South Pasadena. He also currently serves as a Board Member for the Institute for Local Government and the Regional Government Services Authority.

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