MMANC Board Profile: Jessica Deakyne, Program Director

JessicaMMANC POSITION: Program Director

AGENCY NAME: City of Novato


DEPARTMENT:  Administrative Services





WHY I WANTED TO JOIN THE BOARD: Personal & professional development opportunities and to get to know local governments in Northern California – I moved up from SoCal in late 2013.

MMANC’S TOP TWO STRENGTHS ARE: Excellent content at region & signature events/conference; Keeping that e-blast going – it’s a great communication tool. 

MY MOST MEMORABLE MMANC EXPERIENCE (TO DATE) IS: Co-hosting the Women’s Leadership Summit in 2015 with Carla Hansen.              



MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: HR/Training/Strategic Planning/Employee Programs/Onboarding.

WHAT KEEPS ME EXCITED ABOUT WORKING IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS: Getting to raise my hand, try new things, learn about different areas of government. It is always changing and there are always new things happening that force me outside of my comfort zone.

THE EVENT OR PERSON THAT INSPIRED ME TO WORK IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT: I always knew I wanted to work in the public sector but my transition to local government occurred when a friend I’d met while working at a community radio station called me and asked if I’d consider applying for a job at a transit agency. Her mentorship was inspirational: I found a woman who’d created a life for herself, loved her job, bought a house, traveled, finished her education and had a servant heart. I knew local government was for me!

WHO YOU ADMIRE THE MOST AND WHY (HISTORICAL OR CURRENT): I come from a long line of tough-as-nails women who I admire very much. In a professional setting, I like to challenge myself with people who I am not immediately drawn to appreciate and admire their contribution to the team. it gives me a fresh perspective as a recruiter and helps me understand how everyone fits in.

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