MMANC Board Profile: Justin Lovell, Membership Director

Justin Lovell

MMANC POSITION: Membership Director

AGENCY NAME: City of South San Francisco

POSITION WITH AGENCY: Public Works Administrator

DEPARTMENT:  Public Works


TWITTER HANDLE: @justinrlovell



WHY I WANTED TO JOIN THE BOARD: I wanted to be more involved with an organization that has helped me grow in the local government profession. I have realized I need groups like MMANC to connect with local government nerds like me.

MMANC’S TOP TWO STRENGTHS ARE: Networking opportunities and events.

MY MOST MEMORABLE MMANC EXPERIENCE (TO DATE) IS:  Hosting books and brews event at the 2016 conference. I really enjoyed the conversations we had.



MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Project management, contracts, policy analysis, budgeting, financial forecasting, transportation, mentoring/coaching.

MY DREAM JOB DUTIES WOULD INCLUDE:  Being about to work on a variety of projects that can improve the community where I work. 

WHAT KEEPS ME EXCITED ABOUT WORKING IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS: I can see the results of my work positively impacting the community.

THE EVENT OR PERSON THAT INSPIRED ME TO WORK IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT: My first job was as a lifeguard/swim instructor at the local municipal pool inspired me to work in local government. My supervisor, the recreation coordinator, seemed to enjoy his job and I loved working at the pool. I wanted to have a job that I enjoyed and started pursuing a degree in Recreation Administration. My undergraduate education and work experiences that followed got me hooked in local government.

WHO YOU ADMIRE THE MOST AND WHY (HISTORICAL OR CURRENT): I admire the early life of Robert Moses, “the Power Broker” who was a local government reformer in the early 1900’s and went on to build many parks in New York City. In my opinion he ended up amassing too much power but did know how to get big projects done.

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