MMANC Tour Region II Challenge

October 16, 2021 – November 7, 2021 all-day

Welcome to the Tour Region II Challenge!

The challenge runs from Saturday, October 16 through Sunday, November 7.

Visit as many locations as possible in Region II and document your visits by uploading your “proof” photo to the EventZee event app.

What counts as a “proof” photo? A proof photo can be anything from a selfie next to a sign to a picture of the MMANC logo being held next to a restaurant menu. Anything that proves you visited a location works! This is meant to be fun, so GET CREATIVE!


  • Most locations visited in Region II: $25 Visa Gift Card
  • The first player to visit five (5) locations in Region II: $25 Visa Gift Card
  • MMANC Members Choice Award: $50

Players must document their visits by uploading a photo of themselves in each location with an easily identifiable marker that verifies their visit to the location (e.g. in front of a museum, with a menu, in front of a park sign).

Photos submitted after 11:59 pm on November 7, 2021, will not be considered for entry.

Multiple MMANC members can be in the photo, but they must each submit the photo on their own event app login to be considered for a prize. In the event that you are part of a group that wins a prize, you must split the winnings or choose amongst yourselves who will take the prize.

Camera shy?
No problem! While we love to see your smiles, just submit a photo of the MMANC logo next to the landmark or site you’re visiting. You can download your printable MMANC logo HERE and take it with you!

I can’t visit Region II but I still want to play along?
Visit any outdoor public recreation area, local restaurant, or landmark or stay in a hotel, motel, Bed & Breakfast, or glamping/camping location in your region and share your travels by documenting them in the app! You will still be eligible to win the MMANC Members Choice Award!

How do I join the Challenge: Download the EventZee app.
Once you are signed up, enter the join code MMANCR2

iOS App:
Android App:


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