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The City of Fort Bragg is Accepting Applications For POLICE SERGEANT

Under the direction of the Police Chief, performs law enforcement and crime prevention work; controls traffic flow and enforces city ordinances, codes, and laws; performs Community Oriented Policing and supervision of assigned patrol units; investigates crimes and promotes peace within the community. Supervises police officers; reviews police reports; reviews and investigates actions of subordinates to be in compliance with Department and City policies, rules, and regulations; conducts surveys and researches special needs within the community; generates programs that will accomplish organizational goals; exercises budget controls, and performs other duties as required.


Physical requirements:

Frequent walking, running, crawling, twisting, bending, grabbing, fighting, wrestling, struggling, climbing, sitting, standing, walking on uneven and slippery surfaces, carrying an 80-pound object or dragging a 150-pound object for 80 feet; occasional squatting for hiding, kneeling, lying in a prone position, jumping; must be flexible, have static-explosive-dynamic trunk strength in order to overcome combative suspects, good coordination and equilibrium; arm and hand steadiness for shooting firearms and doing evidentiary collection; good hand dexterity and coordination for computer and other related duties; good vision both far and near as well as color; good hearing; good physical conditioning for stamina, mobility, and effort utilized in the policing duties.

Employee must:

Be sufficiently adaptable to accept and perform in a timely and effective manner work assignments that are outside the normal day-to-day routine.
Maintain courteous, professional, and productive working relations with other City employees and members of the public.
Be sufficiently able to utilize collaborative problem-solving in community-based policing efforts.


Essential duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Acts as Shift Supervisor and is the Police Officers’ first-line supervisor.
Plans, assigns, schedules, budgets, and guides law enforcement needs within the department.
Ensures that patrol activities are conducted in accordance with departmental rules, policies, and regulations, and ensures that Police Officers are dispatched to the scenes of crimes, accidents, and other emergency situations and assists on these calls as required, giving guidance and reacting to the needs of patrol.
Patrols areas of the city on assigned shifts.
Answers calls for the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of city laws, ordinances, and codes.
Stops operators of vehicles who violate the law; warns and advises operators of vehicles against unlawful practices and issues citations when applicable.
Makes observations of suspicious acts and unsafe conditions and arrests violators of the law.
Regulates vehicle flow at times of emergency or congestion or during special events.
Conducts surveys within Beat Health areas and completes Community Oriented Policing assignments as required; works with the community in an effort to resolve and assist with concerns and complaints.
Gives information and directions to the public.
Writes and serves search warrants, Ramey warrants, arrest warrants, and other warrants as issued by the court.
Testifies and prepares cases for court adjudication.
Administers first aid and CPR as required.
Prepares reports for crimes committed, arrests made, investigations conducted, unusual incidents requiring documentation, and other reports as required to complete normal job requirements.
Receives, searches, books, fingerprints, and transports prisoners.
Performs foot patrol, security checks of buildings and businesses, and other security functions within the city.
Conducts investigations and processing of evidence at crime and accident scenes; collects and preserves all evidence, property, and other related duties as required; completes follow-up investigations of crime reports taken or reported.
Continually maintains contact with citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems and preserves good relationships with the general public.
Performs animal regulation tasks as assigned.
Keeps in good physical condition in order to overcome resistive and combative suspects by using approved use of force guidelines.
Continually qualifies and trains in the areas of use of force, firearms qualifications, defensive tactics, crowd control techniques, baton usage, domestic violence, and other subjects.
Keeps current on all federal, state, and local laws and case decisions as well as the City of Fort Bragg Police Department Policies and Procedures.
Performs ancillary duties as directed by the Chief of Police.
Must be able to manage the shift and its officers with an eye toward risk management and identifying situations that cause liability to the City and the Department, and mitigating that liability.


Possession of Advanced First Aid certificate, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) issued by the American Red Cross.

Knowledge of:

Principles, methods, and techniques of law enforcement work, including patrol, crime prevention, investigation, and identification.
All laws and case laws affecting the proper usage of those laws as depicted by law enforcement agencies throughout California.
Care and operation of firearms and other law enforcement equipment.
Principles of supervision and training.
Collection and analysis of evidence.
Ability to:

Read, understand, and research laws through the California Peace Officer Legal Resource book and other sources (i.e.,
Write and print legibly so that others can read and understand reports.
Have good recall ability in order to remember names, numbers, incidents and places, and other related law enforcement tasks and case laws.
Think and act quickly and accurately during emergency situations.
Carry out oral and written orders and directions.
Meet physical demands and standards required of a Police Officer.


Three years of peace officer experience in a patrol assignment, with a minimum of sixty (60) college credits; and
Possession of POST Intermediate Certificate and;
Attainment of POST Supervisory Certificate within 24 months of appointment.


Preference will be given to those candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Criminal Justice Administration or a similar field is highly desirable.
Possession of a POST Advanced Certificate is highly desired.
Candidates currently employed with a POST accredited law enforcement agency are strongly preferred.

To apply for this job email your details to