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THE POSITION OF PRINCIPAL ANALYST – Administrative Services – Confidential
This position is currently hybrid: remote work is permitted up to two days per week. Responsibilities include managing the citywide operating budget and coordinating decentralized procurement.

Ready to:
• Demonstrate strong technical skills in budgeting and procurement.
• Be a key member of the Financial Services Division and
• Collaborate with members of other departments to ensure the Financial Services Division is providing exceptional customer service

The Ideal Candidate will have experience in municipal budgeting; embrace the City’s emphasis on excellent customer service; be detail-oriented and able to manage multiple tasks; successfully perform work requiring analytical ability and be able to synthesize and summarize information; use initiative and independent judgment; and be a team player who likes working with a variety of City staff and the public and have a sense of humor.

Typical responsibilities may include:
• Assume responsibility for the production of the City operational budget, which includes compiling data for inclusion in the budget, making formal recommendations regarding budget content, consulting with City departments regarding individual department budgets, and developing personnel, revenue, and expenditure schedules.
• Control budget for various City departments and projects determining if funds are available and expenditures properly classified; research and analyze transactions to resolve budget problems; provide analysis of available funds at management request.
• Collaborate with other departments and leadership to identify and develop needs and requirements for equipment, materials, products, and acceptable substitutions.
• Maintain and/or implement purchasing and recordkeeping systems. Manage the procurement system for preparation and processing of purchase orders, requisitions, and contracts for materials, supplies, and equipment. Draft, explain, and implement instructions, policies, and procedures for purchasing and contract management.
• Advise departments and evaluate conditions for issuing and awarding bids.
• Act as the organization’s representative in negotiations with suppliers; resolve grievances with vendors, contractors, and suppliers.
• Provides information to other City departments and divisions regarding the policies and procedures of assigned functions; interprets policies and procedures for departments.

• Prepare a variety of materials and charts regarding the City’s annual budget and annual
comprehensive financial report.

• Assist in the preparation of a variety of technical analyses regarding City expenditures and revenue projections.
• Assist in developing financial policies and plans.
• Provide assistance to staff involved in labor negotiations regarding the effects of bargaining proposals on the City’s budget and long-term liabilities. Gather data for bargaining unit negotiation proposals and have access to bargaining unit proposals. Develop costing and/or budget information for management proposals to bargaining units.
• Assist in the development and implementation of Finance division goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the assigned functional areas; recommend within division policy, appropriate service and staffing levels; and recommend and administer policies and procedures.
• Participate in selection, train, motivate, and evaluate assigned personnel; provide or coordinate staff training; work with employees on performance issues; review staff reports and other work products prepared by assigned staff; assign work and provides guidance and direction to staff regarding work plans and methods.
• Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of new trends and innovations related to the areas of assignment; research emerging products and enhancements and their applicability to City needs.
• Monitor and analyze changes in regulations that may affect assigned functions and operations; recommend and develop changes to department and City policies and procedures as needed pursuant to changes in regulatory requirements; implement changes after approval.

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