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JOB TITLE: Assistant Finance Director

AGENCY: City of San Leandro

LOCATION: San Leandro, CA

FILING DEADLINE:  March 8, 2024

SALARY RANGE:  $183,600 – $223,176 Annually

The Position

Under administrative direction, the Assistant Finance Director assists in planning, organizing, managing, and providing direction and oversight for major functions and activities of the Finance Department, including financial planning, investment management, cash management, City-wide budget, accounting, fiscal planning, revenue collection, and debt management; assists with formulating departmental policies, goals, and directives; assists in coordinating assigned activities with other City departments, officials, outside agencies, and the public; fosters cooperative working relationships among City departments and with intergovernmental, regulatory agencies, and various public and private groups; provides highly responsible and complex professional assistance to the Finance Director in areas of expertise; and performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Assistant Finance Director role is an assistant department director classification that oversees, directs, and manages the day-to-day operations of the Finance Department, including short- and long-term planning as well as development and administration of departmental policies, procedures, and services. This class provides assistance to the Finance Director in a variety of administrative, coordinative, analytical, and liaison capacities and serves as the department director in that individual’s absence. Successful performance of the work requires knowledge of public policy, City functions and activities, including the role of the City Council, and the ability to develop, oversee, and implement projects and programs in a variety of areas. The incumbent is accountable for working with the Finance Director to accomplish departmental planning and operational goals and objectives, and to further the City’s goals and objectives within general policy guidelines.

For the complete list of duties, essential knowledge and abilities, browse here:

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has strong municipal or other public sector finance and finance management experience. An advanced degree is highly desirable. They are a change-agent that knows how to bring together team members, motivate them, help them develop and encourage them to advance professionally. This individual has the breadth of budget, accounting, audit and general finance experience to lead all three divisions of the Finance Department and support the Finance Director in the day-to-day running of the Department, as well as to help on special assignments directed to the Department by the City Manager. In addition, the following key attributes and characteristics are ideal.

Key attributes and characteristics

·        The goal is to give the Incumbent experience in leading all aspects of the Department without pigeonholing into any one function.

·        Depending on fitness for the role, the Incumbent may be offered to directly lead either the accounting or budgeting divisions.

·        Of key importance is the ability to and demonstrated experience in being a change-agent in terms of policies, procedures and technology. The Department has made great strides under its new leadership in modernizing the Department. The Incumbent will continue that progress into the future.

·        The Incumbent will be a strong advocate for the professional development and further accreditation/education of their staff, continuing the Department’s strong progress in these areas.

·        The Incumbent will engender trust in a department that has a mix of long-serving and relatively new employees to create a dynamic team atmosphere.

·        Experience and/or ability to assist the City with its new ERP software implementation.

·        Be fully open to staff suggestions as to timing of and how to complete projects, as well as provide appropriate feedback on Departmental plans where appropriate.

·        Be the kind of leader that provides support to their team.

·        This person intimately understands the dynamics of public sector finance and compliance requirements.

The Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for safeguarding the City’s financial assets and for administering the financial activities of the City and its corporate bodies, including the Economic Development Agency, Public Financing Authority, and Parking Authority. The Department’s primary objective is to uphold the highest accounting and ethical standards, ensuring that the City’s financial activities are conducted in accordance with recommended industry practices and standards. The department is organized into three divisions: Administration, Budget and Compliance, and Accounting Operations. These divisions provide quality customer service and provide accurate, timely and complete financial information. The Department consists of 18 FTE’s. Further, the Department has had a major influence in the City by being extremely team-oriented and collaborative and by embracing new technologies and management techniques. The team is entirely dedicated to public service and to getting the City’s work done, efficiently and effectively. To learn more about the Finance Department, browse here:

The Community

One of the most diverse cities in the nation and located at the center of the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro is a safe, vibrant community of 91,000 residents with well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent public libraries, twenty-three public parks, quality local schools, and a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. For more information on this incredibly beautiful City, please browse here:

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