City of San Rafael

Legislative Analyst

The Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC) Legislative Committee currently has a part-time opening for the position of MCCMC Legislative Analyst. The duties of this position are detailed in the job description below. If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your resume to by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 17, 2022 (for first consideration).

Interviews for this position are tentatively set during the week of June 27. A date has not yet been determined. Interviews will be held via Zoom.

Any experience related to the General Duties of the Legislative Analyst will be considered. Typical background may include work as a Management Analyst or Technician, Planner, City Clerk, Policy Advisor, Legislative Aide, or other related field.

Job Description and Duties

MCCMC Legislative Committee
Legislative Analyst Duties
Updated June 2022

Salary: $8000 per year
(10 months at $800/month)

Attend monthly MCCMC Legislation Committee meeting and occasional emergency meetings. The regular meetings are currently the fourth Monday of the month 8:00 am at San Rafael City Hall. At this time, meetings are held via Zoom.

General Duties of the Legislative Analyst

• Keeping abreast of legislation & ballot measures that are consistent with the committee’s scope of advocacy
• Preparing update reports and letters for Committee Chair
• Preparing Committee Agenda
• Collecting and distributing supporting documents or web links
• Report on bill content at meetings – Flag bills on which committee took position if bill is subsequently amended
• Drafting position letters for Committee Chair
• Preparing notes on Committee action for the Chair
• Liaison with local office of the Marin Assembly member and Senator and League of California Cities rep
• Liaison with Local Office of Congressional representatives

Agenda Preparation and Distribution

• Prepare and distribute agendas for regular committee meetings, for emergency meeting, if any, and for meetings requested by California legislators’ office or that of Congressional representatives.
• Prepare list of potential bills of interest with League position and position of Marin County and/or Marin Towns/Cities. Responsibility: League rep for League bills and lobbyist for non-League bills.
• Using above bill list, prepare the draft agenda in conjunction with the Lobbyist, League Rep, and committee chair. Include when appropriate requests from assembly member or senate staff for a position. The agenda should include information on priority bills or “hot” bills, which require urgent action, along with bill titles and descriptions, summaries (if available), legislator’s fact sheets from the authors of the bill, as well as League Committee analyses, the LAO analysis (if available), or the staff of the committees hearing the bill, and a URL for full text of bills on-line.
• Gather information on upcoming League & MCCMC meetings to be included on agenda.
• Forward draft agenda: 10 calendar days prior to the meeting to the Chair as a word document for review agenda & approval.
• Send out final agenda via e-mail to Committee Distribution List week before the meeting is ideal, but last-minute legislative action often delays the distribution until the Thursday before the meeting. Emailed packet includes the agenda, bill summaries, urls to full text, and other documentation described above.
• Prepare updates on bills of specific areas of interest with info lobbyists and league rep will help
• Keep the distribution list updated. The list includes committee voting members (representatives from the council of Marin cities), and League representative, usually the North Bay Public Affairs manager of the League of CA Cities, Marin legislative aides, lobbyist, San Rafael City Manager, County Administrator, and others who may be interested.
• Attend monthly meetings and prepare notes of the meeting. Notes include brief summaries of the pro/con discussion and any position taken by vote of committee on bills or relevant matters. Copies of the notes are sent to the chair as soon as possible after the meeting.
• Keep and update a spreadsheet of bills, positions, dates position taken, amendments to the bills or changes of position. Distribute to committee monthly.
• Set up zoom meeting or in-person meeting location and phone connection to lobbyist.

Letters in Support/Opposition

• Research and prepare draft letters for approval by the Chair. Letters should include Marin specific information where material. Contact staff regarding potential impact on individual city/town. Contact Marin County legislative staff when necessary. Letters can be prepared using the League or the Lobbyist template when consistent with the position of the committee. Staff will obtain templates and dispatch it to the Chair for signature within 3 working days after committee meeting.
• Initial position letters will be sent out to the legislators no later than 5 calendar days after the meeting, or sooner for urgency matters, if at all possible. Follow up letters requested when a bill on which the committee has taken a position is sent to another committee or house in the legislature should be sent out within 2 days of the request.
• Send a Word document to the Chair for review.
• Obtain chair’s signature on final letters.
• Prepare PDF of signed letter and distribute to author of the bill and chair of the committee hearing the bill, with ccs to local Assembly Member and Senator, League of California Cities, MCCMC lobbyist. If the bill is still controversial when it reaches the governor’s desk, a letter is sent to the governor. All letters sent should be cc’d to the chair.
• Committee positions, if any, on initiatives that have qualified for the ballot should also be provided to Initiative author or committee.
• The Lobbyist or League Representative are sources for contact information for the relevant legislators and other designated recipients. Other sources exist, as needed.
• Keep a file of all final, signed letters.

Preparing Updated Reports and Letters for Committee Chair

• Forward updates from Legislative Offices, advocates, League of California Cities, and Lobbyist if the chair is not on their email roster.
• Track bills on which MCCMC legislative committee has taken a position. Prepare letters on amended bills.

Liaison with Elected Officials in Sacramento and Washington

• Regular contact with local offices of Assembly member and Senator
• Contact with CA Congressional representatives when necessary

To apply for this job email your details to