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JOB TITLE:  City Manager

AGENCY:   City of Soledad

LOCATION:  Soledad, CA

FILING DEADLINE:  March 3, 2023

SALARY RANGE:  The salary will be negotiable based on experience, qualifications, and city budget.

The Position

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Soledad and as Executive Director of the Soledad Successor Agency of the Former Redevelopment Agency. Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for the overall administration of all City government departments and oversees the enforcement of all pertinent State/Federal laws and municipal ordinances. The City Manager is responsible for all city operations including Human Resources and the City Clerk functions. The City Manager serves as the City Clerk of the City. The City Manager oversees the preparation of the budget and is responsible for the administration of the budget once adopted by the City Council.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be a motivated, confident, and inspiring leader who can work with the City Council, staff, and key stakeholders to achieve economic growth and improve the quality of life for the community. The successful candidate will have well-rounded skills in all facets of public sector governance including economic development, housing, and policy implementation and oversight. The selected candidate leads by setting a positive example of being proactive and organized; provides clear and consistent direction and can assess talent, mentor, and develop a team-oriented working environment of high performance and accountability. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required to manage the City as it moves to improve its infrastructure, promote new and existing business ventures, and build and maintain effective and collaborative relationships with regional and statewide business partners. A passion for public service, desire to work with all key stakeholders, and a willingness and openness to understand the heritage and local dynamics of the community are opportunities for the selected candidate.

This challenging position requires a strong, visionary leader committed to quality improvement, customer service, and performance management. The qualified candidate will be able to navigate challenging political waters, while remaining focused on organizational goals, effective leadership, and working with a passionate and involved City Council. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a solid track record of leading and managing municipal service initiatives in the areas of public safety, business and economic development, and public works to meet the needs of this growing city. Expertise in financial and budget management, agency administration, and the ability to maintain collaborative relationships with City Council, staff, and the community are necessary for the success of the next City Manager, as are excellent interpersonal abilities necessary to build and maintain solid relationships with elected officials, business partners, surrounding cities, governmental agencies, staff, and the community through open and respectful dialogue. It is important to engage and embrace the cultural diversity of the City.

Key Attributes and Characteristics

·         A strong leader who shares the vision of the council and community, and can advocate, articulate, and implement that vision. A manager who is able to blend innovation and creativity, and can creatively and strategically move the City in a new and positive direction.

·         A professional who can lead the organization with a commitment to uphold the values of Soledad, including valuing positive employee working relations and respecting the richness of cultures and diversity.

·         The ability and willingness to assist in resolving disputes by reaching a consensus with City Council.

·         A friendly approachable leader who is visible and actively engaged in the community to ensure quality customer service, one that understands the needs of the community to ensure the concerns of all residents are heard and respected.

·         Diplomatic, being known as a people person with an engaging style that is comfortable interacting with a wide spectrum of individuals and one who welcomes dialogue and discussion.

The Community

Soledad is a city in Monterey County with a population of approximately 19,000. Nestled between the beautiful Santa Lucia Mountains to the west and the picturesque Gabilan Mountains to the east, Soledad is a notable tourist destination, owing to its proximity to Pinnacles National Park, a California Mission, and the Santa Lucia Highlands wine country. Soledad is surrounded by the Salinas Valley’s booming agricultural community, home to fields of lettuce, broccoli, and asparagus, as well as row upon row on some of the finest wine grapes in the state.

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