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JOB TITLE: Assistant General Manager (Engineering & Construction)

AGENCY: Contra Costa Water District


FILING DEADLINE:  December 16, 2022

SALARY RANGE: $236,017 – $286,894.44 Annually
The Position

The Assistant General Manager – Engineering & Construction is responsible for assisting the General Manager in planning, organizing, and directing the District’s design and construction activities and oversees the Engineering Division, Construction Division, and the District-wide Health and Safety Program. The team is growing and is anticipated to reach 44 members by Fiscal Year 2024. The incumbent’s responsibilities include short- and long-term planning and the development and administration of policies, procedures, and services. The position also serves as the District’s Chief Engineer, developing and monitoring adherence to Engineering processes, procedures, and protocols to ensure delivery of safe, high quality and cost-effective design and construction activities as well as safe and competent oversight of the four dams and two levee systems under the District’s oversight. The incumbent is responsible for design and construction of the capital improvements identified in the District’s 2023-2032 Capital Improvement Program, including the Phase 2 Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Program and the Main Canal Modernization Project, which combined are nearly $2 billion in capital investments.


The ideal candidate will be a visionary, collaborative team-builder and strategic leader with extensive management and technical abilities. The successful candidate will be hands-on, creative, and solutions-oriented, able to create hybrid teams using a combination of internal staff, industry partners, and external consultants to build a culture of innovation and continual process improvement, teamwork, and an environment of high performance. Solid communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to establish positive working relationships; must be approachable and work well with individuals at all levels of the organization. The selected candidate will exemplify personal integrity, political savvy, dedication to public service, and a commitment to the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Solid knowledge of water issues and organizational structure, regulatory compliance, business practices and principles, the budget process, and administration are essential. The ideal candidate will be open to new ideas and be willing to incorporate those to enhance project success, be flexible and able to adapt to changing priorities, and will manage people and the creative process with inspiration. A successful candidate must show the capacity and tenacity to multitask and manage diverse activities, programs, and staff, while leading with diplomacy, inclusive communication, and positive motivational leadership.

The position requires a proven history managing design and construction of large projects, forward thinking, and a leader committed to excellence. Knowledge of local, regional, County, and State water issues, as well as foundational technical understanding of engineering fundamentals, particularly as it relates to the design of water facilities; experience developing and approving engineering standards and fulfilling engineering responsibilities to ensure safe, high quality, cost-effective designs are a must.

Key Attributes and Characteristics

·         A solid leader and role model with a positive presence who demonstrates initiative, is action-oriented, exercises good judgment, treats others with respect, and is open and approachable.

·         An active problem solver who anticipates and responds to problems in a timely manner, develops alternative solutions, and is able to bring resolution to issues quickly, involving others as needed.

·         A relationship builder, committed to excellence with a strong customer service ethic and the ability to empower employees, while also holding them accountable.

·         A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in growing and building staff and team support.

·         An outstanding manager of people who provides guidance and professional support to staff, offers regular feedback to employees, and serves as a mentor in providing training and growth opportunities.

·         Excellent at writing clear, concise staff and other reports for presentation in oral or written format to the Board of Directors or other elected bodies.

·         A leader who is collaborative and supportive in working with executive leadership, ensuring the organization works toward a common goal.

·         A person with the highest ethical standards who commands the trust and respect of peers through conduct of high integrity and professionalism.


Based in Concord, California, the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) delivers safe, clean water to approximately 500,000 people in  central and eastern Contra Costa County. Formed in 1936 to provide water for irrigation and industry, CCWD is one of the largest urban water districts in California and a leader in drinking-water treatment technology and source water protection. In addition to providing drinking water to residences and businesses in the community, CCWD also serves approximately 15 major industrial customers and 25 agricultural customers in the area.

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