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JOB TITLE: General Manager

AGENCY: Woodbridge Irrigation District

LOCATION: Woodbridge, CA

FILING DEADLINE:  December 16, 2022

SALARY RANGE: Within range of $196,054, DOE/DOQ
The Position

Then General Manager manages District operations to provide customers with a safe and reliable water supply; provides professional and technical staff support, and assistance to the Board; coordinates all District activities with Federal, State, County, local and private agencies. This includes planning, organizing, directing, and managing of all day-to-day District accounting/financial activities, together with ensuring that financial policies and procedures meet all applicable laws and regulations. This position oversees approximately 20 employees and works with the Board of Directors in improving service to WID’s customers.

Duties include, but may not be limited to the following:

•         Plans, directs, and coordinates services, activities and operations of all facilities, equipment, and projects.

•         Manages the selection, training, and supervision of entire staff.

•         Coordinates District activities with all regulatory agencies; ensures compliance with all state, local, and federal laws.

•         Prepares, evaluates, and implements District budget; develops short- and long-term financial strategies; prepares, monitors, and updates the Capital Improvement Program.

•         Provides legislative direction/advice to Board; works with Board in developing District priorities.

•         Implements Board policies and directives and communicates them to the public.

•         Serves as the principal spokesperson for the District; represents District at public and professional functions; oversees public information and public education program, and coordinates media relations.

•         Monitors District infrastructure and rehabilitation; ensures District records are maintained.

•         Develops, implements, and monitors programs/projects for District newsletter, customer services surveys, benchmarking studies, and disaster recovery.

•         Works with staff to resolve customer complaints.

•         Must be able to represent the District’s Board of Directors policies and decisions.

Immediate Priorities:

•         The District’s goals are to continue upgrading its system of canals and pipelines to convey water more efficiently to farms and cities with new pipeline, canals and Supervisory Control (SCADA) upgrades.

•         Make improvements to the Districts SCADA system with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

•         Work with other agencies to address ground water overdraft by making greater use of surface water, continue to expand bulk water service to Stockton and Lodi.

•         Complete the Municipal Service Review (MSR) and a Dam Emergency Action Plan (EAP) which is ongoing and close to completion.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be a hands-on, technical, and strategic leader with extensive management and administrative abilities. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to build and maintain effective relationships with the Board of Directors, experienced internal staff, local and regional agencies, and the public. The successful candidate will be politically astute with the ability to interact with elected officials on matters that impact the District and community. Solid knowledge of water issues and organizational structure, regulatory compliance, business practices and principles, the budget process, and administration are essential. The selected candidate will be a strong staff leader who appreciates the need for teamwork and collaboration. This position requires a motivated leader, who is forward thinking, approachable, and committed to excellence. The ideal candidate will understand local, regional, County, and State water and irrigation issues and trends as well as the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) collaboration and funding process including other regional, County, and State entities.

Key Attributes and Characteristics

•         The ability to build relationships with public officials, farmers, farm organizations and interest groups while protecting the District’s water rights.

•         A solid leader and role model with a positive presence who demonstrates initiative, is action-oriented, exercises good judgment, treats others with respect, and is open and approachable.

•         Strong organizational skills with the ability to adapt to changing priorities.

•         Establish and maintain effective, pleasant, and cooperative working relationships with Board members, employees, business partners, and the general public.

•         Able to analyze complex technical and administrative problems, evaluate alternative solutions, and adopt effective courses of action while paying attention to both immediate needs and long-term impacts.

•         Fiscally responsible and prudent, keeping the interests of the District and its customers in mind at all times.

•         Supportive and positive in leadership style, an active listener; able to communicate technical and non-technical issues effectively in a variety of situations including with elected officials, staff, and the general public; able to resolve conflict and negotiate effectively with others.

•         Able to engender trust and credibility, with a high degree of integrity and ethical conduct.

•         A strong customer service ethic.

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