Region Co-Chair | MMANC Board Position Description


Region Co-Chair


As with all board positions, this position begins annually on January 1 after elections are conducted.

Region Co-Chairs typically serve a one-year term for consistency in the region.


  • Region Co-Chairs act as MMANC’s lifelines in each of the five (5) Regions by connecting with potential members, hosting events, and marketing MMANC membership and events to their area;
  • Attends official meetings of the organization including the monthly full Board meeting via conference call (each meeting is one hour, plus preparation time);
  • Coordinate with fellow Region Co-Chairs to ensure that at least one region co-chair attends each meeting; as each region counts as one (1) vote on the full MMANC Board;
  • Participate in the MMANC Board Retreat (one day each in late January and late July);
  • Attend the MMANC Annual Conference (3 days);
  • Serve on committees including Marketing or Communications;
  • Organize and host at least one region event per co-chair in their region (Region Co-Chairs often collaborate with peers to divide up work, although some Region Co-Chairs split up the responsibility by event);
  • Serve as a liaison between the members in each region with the organization as a whole;
  • Consider serving as a representative to another MMANC Committee, including the Preparing the Next Generation/Talent Development Initiative Committee, Credentialed Government Leader (CGL) Committee and MMANC Signature Event Co-Chairs; and
  • Represent MMANC at city manager and public manager groups and other organizations.


Region Co-Chairs serve on the full MMANC Board.

Each region typically has three (3) to five (5) co-chairs.


Must be a current member in good standing.

Many Region Co-Chairs gain experience first as a committee volunteer (Annual Conference, Summer Signature Symposium, Winter Forum, and Women’s Leadership Summit) before serving as Region Co-Chairs.  However, those who are able to commit to the expectations of Region Co-Chair without volunteer experience are encouraged to apply.


Region Co-Chairs are for individuals interested in being involved in both the event/outreach programming aspects of MMANC at the regional level and the policy aspects at the organization-wide level.  Successful Region Co-Chairs have a passion for local government and are able to commit to attending the monthly Board calls and help plan region events throughout the year.  Individuals only interested in policy issues and not able to commit to organizing events at the region level should consider other roles with MMANC including serving on another MMANC Committee or serving as an MMANC representative to the League of California Cities’ Policy Committee.

The time commitment for this volunteer position is one to three hours per week.  Additional time commitment is needed when planning region events.