MMANC Board Profile: Miranda Lutzow, MMANC President


AGENCY NAME: City of Waterford

POSITION WITH AGENCY: Administrative Services Director

DEPARTMENT:  Administrative Services


TWITTER HANDLE: @mirandalutzow



WHY I WANTED TO JOIN THE BOARD: I wanted to find individuals that were as passionate about local government and professional development as I am.  I came to the right place!

MMANC’S TOP TWO STRENGTHS ARE: The energy and dedication of our board members and the quality programming that we offer.

MY MOST MEMORABLE MMANC EXPERIENCE (TO DATE) IS: Going to my first ever board retreat – never having been to Dublin and not knowing anyone in the room. Stressful!! But I’m so glad I did it.                           



MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Human Resources, Professional Development, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Public Records Act, Brown Act, Elections.

MY DREAM JOB DUTIES WOULD INCLUDE: Supporting and developing my staff while working to improve the community for its residents.

WHAT KEEPS ME EXCITED ABOUT WORKING IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS: My peers! I’m not sure there is another industry that has a close-knit, dedicated community like local government.

THE EVENT OR PERSON THAT INSPIRED ME TO WORK IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT: There wasn’t a single event or person.  It was more like repeated exposure to the inner workings of local government through a variety of people/situations.

WHO YOU ADMIRE THE MOST AND WHY (HISTORICAL OR CURRENT): As a Canadian, I’ll have to go with a fellow Canadian – Jack Layton. Jack Layton was a politician and former leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP). (The Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, under the leadership of Tommy Douglas, introduced Canadian universal healthcare system in 1944.)

I admire Jack Layton because of his lifelong commitment to improving the lives of Canadians. He served many years on the Toronto City Council and made many important contributions to the country including: served as an early advocate for AIDS patients, co-founded the White Ribbon Campaign working to end male violence against women, served as leader of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and wrote several important books on homelessness and working-class Canadians during his tenure as a professor at Ryerson University. Layton was also a keen Trekkie, and even had a custom Starfleet uniform made by a tailor…but I digress.

For two decades, the NDP had been losing popularity and fallen to the fourth largest party in Parliament (behind the Liberal Party, Progressive Conservative Party, and Bloc Québécois). Under Jack Layton’s leadership the NDP grew in popularity and won a record 103 seats in the 2011 election, becoming the Official Opposition for the first time in the party’s history.

Sadly, in July of 2011, Layton announced that he was suffering from prostate cancer, which he succumbed to only one month later. Shortly after his passing, his family released an open letter to Canadians that he had written two days before his death.  It concluded “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

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