Corporate Partners

We are pleased to partner with a variety of organizations to help MMANC develop local leadership. The MMANC Corporate Partners Program runs from September 2020 to September 2021, and provides tangible opportunities for exposure and interaction to northern California’s future local government leaders.

For more information about partnership opportunities, download the 2020-21 Prospectus or contact Monica Davis at​​​

Platinum Partners
HansonBridgett A northern California law firm, Hanson Bridgett has more than 150 attorneys with offices in San Francisco, the North Bay, Sacramento, and Silicon Valley. Its practice groups encompass traditional areas of law such as general business and corporate law, litigation, and estate planning and administration, as well as sustainable business, health care, senior housing and care, construction, intellectual property, labor, and employment and public sector law. Public law has been a principal specialty of Hanson Bridgett for more than 40 years. Hanson Bridgett represents – as general or special counsel – cities, counties, transportation districts, water districts, community service districts, fire districts, hospital districts, joint powers authorities, associations of local governmental agencies, and sanitation districts.
Management Partners Management Partners is a professional management consulting firm specializing in helping government organizations improve their operations for more than 20 years. We identify problems and best practices that reveal ways to improve operations, and we take pride in delivering a quality product designed for implementation.
Stifel is a full-service brokerage and investment banking firm, established in 1890 and based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Company provides securities brokerage, investment banking, trading, investment advisory, and related financial services through its wholly owned subsidiaries to individual investors, professional money managers, businesses, and municipalities.
Tripepi Smith is a provider of marketing, technology and public affairs consulting services. Combining years of experience in local government, technology and the marketing fields, Tripepi Smith offers a unique blend of skills to help our clients execute on their goals. The Tripepi Smith team stands ready to help you with your outreach campaigns, video production, content writing, messaging, graphic work, technology infrastructure and websites. It is a full range of services reflecting the breadth and skills of the Tripepi Smith team.
Executive Partners
BMA-logo-color Bob Murray & Associates brings a personal approach to providing quality executive recruitment services. Our clients include cities, counties, special districts and other governmental organizations, both large and small. Our success is achieved by working as our clients’ partner to identify their needs and to recruit outstanding candidates for their consideration. A significant number of our clients have requested our assistance time and again as a result of the quality of our work. We look forward to assisting you with your recruitment needs.

California Consulting a full-service grant writing firm has offices in Central and Southern California. Our team are experts in the fields of grant research and identification, preparing comprehensive and concise grant application packages, submitting grants, and post submission follow-up.

With over 200 years of cumulative experience our assertive grant writers have a proven track record of success and have mastered their skills of identifying, researching, and obtaining funding for significant projects at every level of government. Our grant writers are diligent and stay current on every Federal, State, and private grant available on a myriad of different topics and public policy areas. Our team has written over 1000 competitive successful grant applications that have been awarded.

Founded in 1983, HdL Companies was established to maximize local government revenues by providing a variety of audits, analytical services and software products. HdL’s systematic and coordinated approach to revenue management and economic data analysis is currently being utilized by over 400 agencies in six states. Services include a variety of audits, analytical services and software products. To date, HdL has recovered a cumulative total of $2 billion in new sales and use tax revenues for client agencies. Consulting services are available for sales, use and transaction taxes, economic development, property taxes, business license fees, transient occupancy tax and cannabis regulation and taxation. HdL also provides a variety of enterprise software processing tools for business licensing.
At LCW, we are not solely lawyers. Rather we work with clients to help them avoid legal problems in the first instance. When legal issues do arise, our attorneys explore practical alternatives to best serve the client’s goals. The success of this approach to counseling is reflected by the fact that 74% of California’s cities, 90% of California counties, 90% of California’s community college districts, as well as numerous special districts, public and private educational institutions, as well as non-profit turn to LCW for advice and counsel.
At Sloan Sakai Yeung & Wong LLP, our goal is to help you solve the complex problems facing your organization so that you can accomplish your mission. Our approach to problem-solving is team-based and multi-disciplinary. Our talent is top notch. Our firm environment is open, supportive, and innovative. Put it all together and you have one of the preeminent firms in the state.We represent the full spectrum of public agencies in California, in addition to nonprofits and private companies. Our practice areas include labor and employment law, environmental and land use law, general government law, and many other areas. Our approach has proven successful in all our practice areas, whether its handling labor negotiations and arbitrations, facilitating land use and transportation initiatives, or being your advocate in the courtroom.


We strive to be long-term partners to our clients. We give our clients the best thinking from attorneys and consultants who know the most about the issues clients face. We work collaboratively with clients to implement that thinking for success over the long run. We are nimble, with the ability to quickly pull together subject matter experts to address a client’s problem. This allows us to innovate where others are merely adequate. We also have the expertise to recommend practical solutions that minimize risk, while assertively representing clients should litigation arise.

Are you interested in what we can do for your organization? Check out our website at Explore who we are, what we do, and what we can offer you.

WilldanLogo Willdan Group, Inc. (Willdan) is a provider of professional technical and consulting services that ensure the quality, value, and security of our nation’s infrastructure, systems, facilities, and environment. The firm has pursued two primary service objectives since its inception in 1964—ensuring the success of its clients and enhancing its surrounding communities. In doing so, Willdan has gained a notable reputation for technical excellence, cost-effectiveness, and client responsiveness in providing superior consulting services. The company’s service offerings span a broad set of complementary disciplines that include engineering and planning, energy efficiency and sustainability, financial and economic consulting, and national preparedness. Willdan has crafted this set of integrated services so that, in the face of an evolving environment—whether economic, natural, or built—Willdan can continue to extend the reach and resources of its clients.
Business Partner

From our company’s inception through today, it is with absolute enthusiasm that we pave the way for digital engagement.

Bang the Table was founded because, no matter how well-designed the off-line consultation process, inevitably it only reaches a small segment of a community. The online space provides the opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and enable them to have their say. It drives inclusive, transparent, and measurable community engagement processes that empower collaborative learning, discussion, and debate.

Robust democracy requires real public participation. Our mission is to enable this participation as a fundamental pillar of well-functioning 21st century democracies by forging constructive relationships between communities and the institutions of government.

Providing innovative risk management solutions for its public agency partners for more than 40 years, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) is one of the largest municipal self-insurance pools in the state, with more than 120 member cities and other governmental agencies. Members actively participate in shaping the organization to provide important coverage for their operations. The California JPIA provides innovative risk management solutions through a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services, including liability, workers’ compensation, pollution, property, and earthquake coverage, as well as extensive risk management training and loss control services.

CalTRUST is a JPA that was established to give California public agencies a tool to diversify their investment portfolios. CalTRUST currently holds over $2.2 billion in assets for over 140 California public agencies. CalTRUST’s five fund options include both stable and floating net asset value funds of varied time horizons to assist public agencies in having options to diversify their funds based on their investment objectives and cash flow needs. CalTRUST is endorsed by the California Special Districts Association, California State Association of Counties, and League of California Cities. CalTRUST assets are professionally managed by BlackRock.
CPS_HRConsulting_color_web At CPS HR Consulting, every service we provide, every recommendation we make, is based on improving your agency’s organizational performance. Throughout our 25 years of HR service, we’ve developed unparalleled expertise in the public sector, as well as strategic focus unmatched by any other HR service provider. Applying this combination of knowledge and vision, we’re uniquely capable of helping you maximize your organizational performance.
eCivis helps 1,000+ state, local and tribal government agencies maximize their grant revenues, track financial and program performance, prepare cost allocation plans and budgets, stay compliant and access free open data tools to better utilize Federal resources.
GovHR USA provides comprehensive executive recruitment, interim staffing, human resources and management consulting services for public sector and not-for-profit clients. GovHR has a seasoned team of executive recruiters, human resource consultants, management consultants, staffing specialists and professional development experts. Owners Heidi Voorhees and Joellen Earl each have more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions in the public sector and in consulting with public sector clients. Since our inception in 2009, GovHR USA has served over 250 clients in 25 states. Established in 2011, GovTemps USA has served over 100 clients with over 230 assignments in 6 states.
Miller Consulting Group Miller Management & Consulting Group is dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organizations. Practiced in facilitating adult education, the organization’s Principal, Pamela Miller, incorporates over 35 years of private, non-profit, and public sector leadership experience into her human and organizational development work. Formerly the Executive and Institute Director for Continuing Education for Public Officials (CEPO), Pamela has started her own consulting firm and is pleased to be the current Institute Director for the Academy.
MRG, LLC has partnered with over 600 public and private sector clients to rethink their historic, “bureaucratic” practices to create innovative and transformational solutions. What began 10 years ago as a collaboration of six colleagues has grown into a firm of over 70 public sector and subject matter experts who uniquely combine decades of hands-on work experience with investigatory expertise. Together, we develop and implement best practices to overcome complex leadership, governance, human resources, financial management and other organizational challenges. It’s no surprise that over 90% of our work is repeat business

All public servants walk a fine line between maximizing operational revenue and maximizing the value to residents and constituents. That can be a difficult balance to strike in the best of times. When resources are low and the demand on general funds is high, it can feel impossible. That’s where NBS works most effectively on your behalf. NBS helps uncover opportunities to decrease the pressures on general funds and increase the revenue needed to ensure the quality of life and business for those in your community.

All of NBS’ clients have an ultimate goal of maintaining the highest possible level of service to all who live, work and play in their communities. Our top priority is to do work that reflects that. Whether providing public safety services or ensuring the quality of the transit system, every benefit you provide relies upon stable funding. In situations requiring a deep investigation of funding challenges, local government agency leaders turn to NBS.