Institute for Local Government

ilgFounded in 1955, the Institute for Local Government has been serving local officials’ information needs for 60 years. The Institute for Local Government (ILG) promotes good government at the local level with practical, impartial and easy-to-use resources for California communities.

MMANC and ILG have worked closely over the past several years, most notably in 2014 when an MMANC representative was added as a permanent post to the ILG Board of Directors.  Over the years, the two organizations have collaborated on a joint education calendar and a collaborative programming.  MMANC is a financial contributor to ILG, and since 2015, ILG has provided educational workshops at the MMANC Annual Conference.



ILG Representative on the MMANC Board of Directors:  Melissa Kuehne

MMANC Representative on the ILG Board of Directors:  Erin Steffen, City of Berkeley (3-Year Term Expires Dec. 2019)