Steps to Credential

stepstocredentialThere are three steps to becoming a Credentialed Government Leader:

1.  Application and Assessment
Upon applying to the program, candidates will take an assessment to provide base-level information about current skills, knowledge and interests. This will help guide the candidate’s customized credential program.  Complete the application here.

2.  Coaching and Program Development
Accepted candidates will be assigned a mentor who will review the assessment and work with the candidate to develop a course of study. Once developed, the plan needs to be submitted, reviewed and approved by the CGL oversight committee. * Other mentors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3.  Coursework
Eight (8) workshops, seminars or other pre-approved training opportunities must be completed in order to secure a credential. This includes completing the five (5) core skill courses and three (3) elective courses. Workshops will be offered at regional events, annual conferences and other events sponsored by MMANC, MMASC, ICMA and other recognized local government professional organizations (i.e. CSMFO, CALPELRA, CAPIO).  Review the program submittal memo and submit your final application.