Rising Tides Co-Mentoring

Basic RGB“A rising tide lifts all boats.” 
        – John F. Kennedy, 1963

Rising Tides is a dynamic MMANC program that combines the best parts of mentoring others, being mentored, and professional networking.

Benefits of Rising Tides

  • Grow your professional network with Rising Tides’ basic structural framework
  • Meet MMANC members who may operate in different regions or professional circles
  • Become better acquainted with your co-mentor using program resources and meeting templates
  • Refresh, re-energize, re-invigorate your career

What Makes Rising Tides Unique
While the traditional mentoring model generally emphasizes static roles and focuses the flow of information in one direction (from the mentor to the mentee), Rising Tides follows a co-mentoring model that recognizes the valuable knowledge, experience, and wisdom each person brings to the table. Co-mentoring is a collaborative relationship in which all parties contribute equally. By using the co-mentoring method, Rising Tides fosters the growth of both participants, allowing each to act as sounding boards for professional dilemmas, provide one another with fresh, outside perspectives, and contribute according to their interests and expertise.

Rising Tides is structured to fit your needs and the demands of your professional environment. Co-mentors are given the freedom to build their relationship based on their individual schedules, locations, and availability.

For more information on Rising Tides, please email the Program Director. If you would like to explore a more traditional mentoring relationship, MMANC has partnered with Cal-ICMA to offer MMANC members access to the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program.