“One of the best things I did for my career in local government was join MMANC. I am constantly inspired by the brilliant and driven network of people that serve this organization, attend its professional development trainings and work to make our profession more inclusive for the communities we all represent. Serving on the Board of Directors gave me the opportunity to learn and practice skills that I apply every day at work. MMANC has made me a better local government leader and brought the best people I know into my life.”

Carla Hansen
Former MMANC President

In honor of the association’s 71st anniversary, MMANC is celebrating the past presidents that brought MMANC to success. Among these past presidents that have not only left great legacies behind for MMANC, but have also led exemplary careers, is Carla Hansen, 2019 MMANC President.

Carla’s journey with MMANC started “on a whim” when one of her coworkers had to step down from their position on MMANC’s Board of Directors. Carla stepped in to fill the Board spot, eventually taking on the presidency.

As MMANC President, Carla envisioned an organization that could set up her colleagues and predecessors for success. In her term, she learned what it took to bring that vision to life, through long-term strategy and day-to-day operations with her team. Over the years, she’s often found gratitude for MMANC bringing her a network of like-minded friends that helped her build her career.

“MMANC is where I found my people: those who want to make a difference and make local government more efficient, inclusive and approachable,” Carla commented. “MMANC connected me to people who have made an impact on who I am as a leader and I will undoubtedly stay connected with them throughout the rest of my career. These folks challenge me, celebrate triumphs with me and are there through the times when doing this work feels overwhelming.”

Carla always wanted to pursue a career that would make peoples’ lives better and connect her to something larger than herself. When she attended Mills College to earn her Master’s in Public Policy, she met several female City Managers whose career stories inspired her to set her sights on achieving a career in public service. She currently serves as Deputy City Manager for the City of Walnut Creek.

“MMANC can have a profound impact on people’s local government careers and helps make our profession more inclusive, connected and powerful,” Carla added.