Municipal Magazine, MMANC's Official Online Magazine

Municipal Magazine, MMANC’s Official Online Magazine

MMANC provides a variety of resources through the efforts of MMANC and its partners.

Municipal Magazine is the official online newsmagazine for MMANC.  Its writers believe that stories can help inform, inspire and connect local government professionals who make Northern California’s diverse communities great places to live and work. Launched in spring 2015, Municipal Magazine is a collection of diverse voices from a diverse region. Our contributors are local government managers, policymakers, planners, economic developers, engineers, attorneys, librarians, finance managers, public safety professionals, elected officials, professors and consultants. We write about a wide variety of topics facing local government professionals: leadership, management, career development, policy, public safety, public works, economic development, community development, community services and more.

MMANC provides Career Resources for members interested in taking the next step.  Our partners include recruitment firms, job sites and career resources.

The Job Board for MMANC features jobs posted by agencies and recruiting firms in Northern California.  Posting a job announcement is free for agencies with at least two members and all corporate partners.

The Listserv is an opportunity for MMANC Members to post questions to fellow members on various topics.  Need to find out how other local governments are handling a specific policy effort or project?  Submit a message on the Listserv and it’ll be sent to the over 500 MMANC members.

For many years, MMANC has been a funding partner with the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program, which was expanded nationally in 2016 and is now known as the ICMA Coaching Program. This program features several coaching webinars throughout the year.