Credentialed Government Leader Certification, or CGL, is a joint venture between MMANC, MMASC and ICMA. CGL provides foundational tools, experiences and connections designed to develop participants’ knowledge, self-awareness and skill set. The program is designed to build the management and leadership skills of analysts, mid-managers and other members who have at least three years experience in a government organization and prepare them, through coursework and coaching, to become government leaders. MMANC and MMASC members applying for the credentialing program will gain an unbiased assessment of their current skills, knowledge and interests through an assessment survey.

The credential requires completion of eight (8) pre-approved training opportunities – five core areas and at least three electives that you select with your mentor based on your career goals.

Core classes include: Organizational Leadership, Effective Communication: Written and Verbal, Creative and Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Relationships with Elected/Appointed Leadership and Project Management. Elective courses range in topics from Managing Human Resources to Economic Development.

Click here for a full list of our courses.

You should track your courses as you go with the CGL Tracking & Completion Form. A short (250 word) write-up is required for each course you take and we recommend that you complete your short write-up for the course as you go.

In addition to coursework, each participant will select a coach that will assist you in developing a professional development plan.

You can submit your application online. 

The cost to join the CGL program is $75 plus the cost of your courses. Upon graduation, the CGL program participant receives one free year of ICMA membership.

The CGL program using the ICMA Coach Connect platform to match participants with a coach at:

Alternatively, if you are able to find your own coach, please let us know at Coaches typically are department heads, Assistant/Deputy City Managers, Deputy General Managers, City Managers, or General Managers.

Once you choose your coach, you can reach out and request their help. Remember that these are busy folks – many are City Managers – and they make time to get back to you or not have time to take on a new coachee at this time. That’s OK – there are lots of options and you can just ask another person to be your coach. You can also request to work with a coach that’s not registered through ICMA– just let us know by emailing

If you are already heading to a training or conference, proposing a course for CGL credit is easy: just complete this Course Proposal and the CGL Committee will review and let you know if your course is CGL-approved.

It may take up to two weeks to hear back if your course was approved and sometimes the Committee will offer ½ credit. Things like the length of the proposed course, the course instructor and their qualifications and the topic will be considered.

If you have a program or course questions, please contact Justin Lovell at

Man with glasses named Justin Lovell smiling for headshot photo

Justin Lovell, West County Wastewater District
MMANC Representatives to the CGL Committee

Submit Course Proposal
Download Course Tracking Form

CGL Program Coursework

There are five (5) core skill areas that need to be satisfied in order to become a CGL:

Organizational Leadership

Effective Communication: Written and Verbal

Creative and Critical Thinking

Interpersonal Relationships with Elected/Appointed Leadership

Project Management

In addition to the core skill areas, candidates shall complete three (3) electives from the following list. Candidates shall work with their mentor to identify three elective areas to broaden the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities. For example, a candidate that works regularly with Economic Development should seek elective coursework in other categories.

Subject Matter Expert Course: Candidates may propose one elective course in a single subject area not listed above. The CGL Committee will determine whether the proposed course and subject area meets the intent of the program.

All coursework offered by an entity outside of MMANC must be pre-approved by the CGL oversight committee. Job exchanges or like experience for one month or more shall qualify as one elective. Submit a proposed course to the CGL Committee for approval.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Risk Management and Liability
  • Technology in Local Government
  • Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (NEW!)
  • Sustainability
  • Recreation Program Management
  • Negotiating
  • Labor Relations
  • Performance Measurement
  • Economic Development
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Creating a Culture of Success

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Civic Engagement
  • Legislative Program Management
  • Innovation in Local Government
  • Public Infrastructure Planning
  • Public Information, Media Relations and Mass Communications