The annual Women’s Leadership Summit brings together local government professionals from diverse backgrounds for a day of educational sessions, dynamic networking opportunities, and empowering conversations to foster leadership and professional growth. Recognized as one of MMANC’s premier events, the summit serves as a platform to propel future leaders of government forward, offering insights, strategies, and inspiration to navigate the challenges and opportunities in public service. Stay tuned for additional information on the event schedule, speakers, and registration details, which will be posted as soon as they become available.

“The roundtable was a fast and fun opportunity to sharelessons learnedwith our emerging leaders. Moving from table to table was an adventure. My conversations went from budgets to professional development tothe art of juggling marriage, motherhood and career. It was a terrific learning experience for me too!” – Reyna Farrales, Retired Deputy County Manager, San Mateo County
“The Summits have been really great over the years, and I have loved participating in them as a speaker, a roundtable executive, and as an attendee. The roundtable discussions have been really wonderful experiences for me, because even though I am the “executive,” I have learned just as much from the other people at the table as they may have learned from me. All of these women, no matter what level or position they happen to be, are my colleagues in local government, and being able to support one another and learn from one another is incredibly important and valuable. Every time I attend a Summit I feel like I make new friends and contacts that I can call on anytime. And to me, that is what it’s all about!” – Karen Pinkos, City Manager, City of El Cerrito
“It’s inspiring to talk to so many bright young women at the Summit who are moving into executive management. They are our future leaders and our governments are in good hands!”  – Jan Perkins (former City Manager), Senior Partner, Management Partners, ICMA Senior Advisor,  Women Leading Government Board Member
“The MMANC Women’s Leadership Summit is a “don’t miss” event. The dynamic speakers and the Executive Roundtable discussions educate and energize everyone. The comfortable and inclusive environment enhances this professional growth opportunity regardless of your position or tenure in local government employment.” – Linda Barton, Special Advisor, Management Partners
  • May 26, 2022: Women’s Leadership Summit, Citrus Heights Community Center
  • May 16, 2019: Women’s Leadership Summit, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
  • May 17, 2018: Women’s Leadership Summit, Richmond Memorial Convention Center