“From the annual conference to regional events, MMANC has helped me learn and grow alongside other municipal professionals. I am always inspired by my fellow members’ passion for local government service. MMANC is like an extended family and has served as an incredible support network for our profession. Over the years, MMANC has been instrumental in my career transition from an analyst to my current role as an Assistant City Manager.”

Nat Rojanasathira
2016 MMANC President

To commemorate MMANC’s 71st anniversary, we are celebrating and honoring our past presidents. Today, we recognize 2016 MMANC President Nat Rojanasathira, who currently serves the City of Monterey as Assistant City Manager.

Nat has been motivated to build his career and one day become a city manager or department head since his start in local government. Thanks to the advice of a former supervisor, he joined MMANC in 2003.

During his time in MMANC, Nat made an effort to take advantage of the many educational opportunities, including the Credentialed Government Leader (CGL) Certification Program. While he notes CGL as being meaningful to his professional development, he commented that “it has been my peers in the MMANC family who have been instrumental in my growth through coaching, networking, and support.”

Nat continued, “When I joined MMANC, I instantly knew that these were my people. I was looking to join an approachable, meaningful, and supportive organization that is focused on professional development. I found all of that and more in the MMANC community.”

Nat was inspired to pursue a career in local government after spending time as an intern in the City Manager’s Office at the City of Pacific Grove. During his internship, he learned firsthand the positive impact that local governments can have on people and communities at-large. This experience sent him on a trajectory to explore several roles and agencies, such as Marketing and Tourism Improvement District Coordinator for the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Transportation and Economic Development Program Coordinator, Assistant to the Town Manager and Administrative Services Director for the Town of Danville.

Nat led an employee engagement effort for the Town of Danville that built a strong team environment through trust and morale. He also served as the City of Monterey’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Director throughout the pandemic. As EOC Director, Nat responded to the economic, health, and fiscal challenges of COVID-19. It is clear that Nat’s career continues to reaffirm his passion for local government and for improving the lives of others.