Cal-ICMACal-ICMA is the official state affiliate for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) in California.

In 2005, California created a new model for its affiliation on a state level with ICMA.  Cal-ICMA, is a collaboration of the League of Cities City Managers’ Department (CMD); the California City Managers Foundation (CCMF); the two assistants groups (MMANC and MMASC); the County CAOs; the COG Directors; along with members of the academic community and from all of the other ICMA membership categories. Cal-ICMA is the “official” state affiliate with ICMA and is inclusive of all ICMA members without creating another “organization” with a separate dues structure.

ICMA Regional Director Dave Mora and Cal-ICMA President Karen Pinkos at the 2015 MMANC Annual Conference in Sacramento

ICMA State Liaison Dave Mora and Cal-ICMA President Karen Pinkos at the 2015 MMANC Annual Conference in Sacramento

Cal-ICMA coordinates member service activities for California’s ICMA members, including: professional development and training; new member recruitment and member retention; response to “ethics issues” relating to ICMA members; and appointments to ICMA committees, task forces, and nominees for the ICMA Executive Board.

ICMA Code of Ethics

Ethics is at the core of ICMA and MMANC.  The bylaws of MMANC require its members to abide by the ICMA Code of Ethics, which defines the principles of conduct and decision-making for local government management professionals.  MMANC members are encouraged to reach out to ICMA West Coast Regional Director Kevin Duggan for free ethics advice (available to MMANC members who are not members of ICMA) and information about the ICMA Code of Ethics.  Kevin Duggan can be reached at

Continued Collaboration

MMANC and Cal-ICMA maintain a strong partnership, collaborating on efforts including ethics, next generation initiatives and networking events.  ICMA’s representative serves as an ex-officio member of the MMANC Board of Directors.  In 2016, MMANC collaborated with Cal-ICMA on an ethics education workshop in Yountville, California followed by a joint networking event with the ICMA Executive Board in Napa.

MMANC appoints several representatives to ICMA and Cal-ICMA committees, including the Cal-ICMA Board of Directors.


Representatives to the Cal-ICMA Board of Directors

Miranda Lutzow, City of Waterford

Carla Hansen, City of Walnut Creek


Representatives to the Talent Development Initiative (formerly Preparing the Next Generation Committee)

Chantal Cotton Gaines, City of Oakland

Nat Rojanasathira, Town of Danville


Representatives to the Cal-ICMA Ethics Committee

Monica Davis, City of Hayward

Christina Gilmore, City of Mountain View


Representative to the ICMA Annual Conference Planning Committee (Baltimore 2018)

Will Morat, City of Vallejo